Apr 7, 2008

Firefox Memory Management Mystery

Firefox's appetite for memory is a well-known problem, especially in the latest 2.0.x versions. However, I never experienced it while I was using it on Windows. The browser never ate more than one and a half hundred megabytes.

I started to suffer from it only when I switched to Ubuntu a couple years ago. In fact, latest version with all the plugins (TMP+Firebug+Webdeveloper+DownThemAll) enabled, consumed up to four hundred megabytes of RAM so I even had to switch to Epiphany to be able to keep other greedy processes running.

But now, on the HP laptop with the same Ubuntu 7.10 the same Firefox acts as it did in the Windows days — one and a half hundred megs no matter how many pages are opened.

I guess, this mystery will never be unriddled.

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