Sep 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Ah, I just love this thing.

Here're just some of the pros things I really like:
  • Cougar-fast javascript;

  • Interface leaves it all for the pages — my normal setup of firefox only has address bar, search bar, tab bar, status bar;

  • It combines sweet feats from all the browsers: options menu was a lot like Firefox, expandable textareas/inputs are somewhat safarish, “most used pages” are similar to Opera, etc;

  • It seems smart (for instance: I don't need to install a separate 250KB extension to open links from tab in the only sane way — next to parent tab);

The only bad thing I've noticed so far is that I couldn't turn the spellchecker off. I can't wait to see this thing in Linux. Firefox is too slow, Opera is too ugly, Epiphany is too primitive. Although Chrome might also not be the cure: usually, many Google's apps work not very well in X. Like, Picasa trying to mimick Windows interface looks as ugly as Opera, Google Earth can be very unstable depending on version (probably due to 3D rendering issues). Maybe Chrome won't be following their steps on that.

Also, it's kinda funny to hear all the “this is Google's way of controlling you”, “Google's way of showing you ads”, “Google's way of collecting your personal information”. In the world, where ninety-five percent of decisions about what to eat, what to wear, what music to listen, what to do after work is dictated by the monster of society, where certain agencies can obtain whatever information they need about whatever person they're interested in about one hour, it's truly sick to blather about privacy in that way.