Feb 26, 2008


This blog will probably mostly consist of solutions for coding problems I've faced but for which I couldn't find direct answers on the Internet.

Googling the problem is the first thing I do after I can't figure it out for myself, and usually there's a blog post entitled with exact same words I used as a search query. In most cases that post solves the problem, but sometimes Google has nothing to offer (yes, even on the second page).

After several hours (or minutes) of hard (or enjoyable) work, the problem is solved and I can share my explorations with people all over the world. Although most likely I'll share them with myself a couple weeks later since I'm so forgetful.

Anyway, I guess it is now clear why this way of blogging looks like putting missing pieces of the puzzle in place for me.

Since now I am still in the beginning of the long way of all sorts of coding, some things may seem unwise, but again, I prefer to think of this as of some sort of draft notebook used just to keep random instructions, links or thoghts in one place.